I found a great post on regarding the reasons why people go online on Stephen’s Lighthouse (which is a fountain of great posts and links if your interested in library stuff!) which he, in turn, got from the Ruder Finn Intent Index site.

Why people go online

Basically it divides the reasons people go online  into Shop, Learn, Have fun, Socialise, Express yourself, Advocate and Do Business.

From the image above it’s clear that the majority of people go on the web to learn, have fun and socialise.

Within the Learn section:

  • 96% indicated that they use the net to educate themselves
  • 89% to do research
  • 79% to keep informed.

From the Have Fun section:

  • 100% use the web to pass the time (guilty as charged!)
  • 82% use it to be entertained
  • 60% use it as an escape

From the Socialising section:

  • 92% want to connect to people online
  • 82% use the net to share
  • 76% to discuss things
  • 72% to be part of a community

Surely if you are designing a library website (or any website for that matter) it would be a good idea to make sure your site allows people to have fun and be entertained while they are learning new things and sharing with others in your community?