I just spent the morning listening to Prof Pierre Joubert from Unisa’s Buro of Market Research tell us about the Research Proposal process that students go through.

He showed this cool cartoon of the research process which I loved and plan to adapt for our section’s webpage soon

Since I’m busy with my own Masters studies most of what he said wasn’t new to me but I appreciated how he strived to explain everything in an easy-to-understand way. He also spent quite a bit of time brainstorming with my peeps on how we can better assist our remote students and guide them through the proposal process.

But what suprised and delighted me most was that he’s personal passion is … generational theory. Which is what my study is based on! and it was so nice to discussion my passion with someone equally passionate. He even invited me to come and visit the Buro when I have time so that I can see what they are doing and perhaps even participate.

So I not only sat through a fairly informative presentation – I made a new contact!

Which goes to show – you never know when you’ll meet someone interesting!