The iLibrarian put me on the trail of Barb Dybwad’s post on 20 Simple Productivity Tools for Bloggers

Barb divides the tools into:

Multiple Clipboard Tools
These allow you to storage many little text snippets that you can access all at once. Barb mentiones one for Mac users (CopyPaste-X) and one for Windows users – me! – Clipmate or Ditto.

Seems you have to pay for all three these options … but it’s definitely worth checking out!

Blogging directly from Firefox with Scribefire

I already use Scribefire, in fact, it’s what I used to write this posting, and it’s trully a huge time saver! It integrates with your browser to let you easily post to your blog: you can drag and drop formatted text from pages you are browsing, take notes, and post to your blog.

Save typing time with text shortcuts

These tools can help you use less keystrokes to generate frequently used terms, phrases, bits of HTML or even full on template paragraphs or formats. On the Mac side, TextExpander allows you to set up a set of abbreviations that when typed will generate longer strings. You can even include images in the substituted text as well.

On the Windows side give Texter a try. Unfortunately the app is no longer in active development, but the source code is freely available if you fall in love with the app and have a hankering to carry the torch.

Firefox extensions for working with text
I use Firefox almost exclusively at home and at work and I’ve never heard of these extensions: AutoCopy, Copy Plain Text , CoLTand Text Formatting Toolbar … but I be checking them out soon! Especially the Autocopy:

AutoCopy — A simple extension that automagically copies any text you select to the clipboard. Combined with a multiple clipboard tool from above, you’ll have a powerful text manipulation setup at your fingertips.

Site-specific browsers
According to Barb these allow you to create applications for sites you use alot and keep them open all day. It makes it easier to switch between the apps and sites this way. Here are her recommendations:

On the Mac we recommend Fluid (fluid), or Prism which is a multi-platform SSB from Mozilla Labs that will take care of Windows and Linux (linux) users as well.

Keyboard shortcuts
She posted a list of keyboard shortcuts for users of different apps (thank you Barb!) and they are heaven sent!

Mac — These keyboard shortcuts specifically for working with text can be used in any Cocoa application (Safari (Safari), TextEdit, etc.).

Windows — These shortcuts can be used in text editing apps in Windows XP. See also: Vista keyboard shortcuts, Windows 7 keyboard shortcuts.

Firefox — Ratchet up your speed on the information superhighway with these Firefox keyboard shortcuts.

Gmail — Speed your inbox processing with these Gmail keyboard shortcuts. If you’ve never used the shortcuts before, you’ll have to enable them in the General tab of your account settings.

Google Reader (Google Reader) — If you use gReader as your feed reading app (or one of your feed reading apps) you can process your feeds faster with these keyboard shortcuts.

Edit images in your browser
Cropping an image or reducing its size quickly would be so much easier if you could simply do in while in your browser right? Well, we asked and Barb provides!

Picnik (picnik) — The free version of this web-based image editor could easily be all you need to whip an image or two into shape now and then. For more pro effects and advanced editing you can also subscribe to the Premium service.

Phoenix — Part of a larger suite of web-based creative tools from Aviary (Aviary), Phoenix is a simple app that nonetheless delivers many of the key features you’d look for in a desktop image editor.

I already use Phoenix and Aviary and I have to say I love! It creates screen captures much quicker and easier than my previous no-tech way (PrtScn).

flauntR — If you’re looking to add some more creative effects or processing to your images, check this one out. It’s actually a suite of several tools allowing you to add text or other elements to your photos as well as providing the basic editing functions.

Check out the comments section on Barbs post as more tool gems are revealed there!