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My previous post got me thinking about data visualisation and where I can go to to download/use tools to make my own maps.

First here is what data visualisation is, according to the gospel that is Wikipedia:

The main goal of data visualization is to communicate information clearly and effectively through graphical means.

On ReadWriteWeb‘s site I found quite an exhaustive list of various visualisation tools one can use.

Aviary readwriteweb-com Picture 1

They divide the list of tools into categories:

  • Visualise Social Networks

    • Some applications are used with your accounts, other work through through Flickr and LastFM tags, Digg has quite a few interesting and usefull ones such as the Digg Arch which displays stories, topics, as arcs around a sphere and YouTube also has a few visualisation tools you can use
  • Visualise Music

    • There are quite a few music sites listed such as Liveplasma and Musicovery for new music; Tuneglue shows you relationships between artists; Moody lets you tag music collections with colors; Musiclens shows you your current mood and musical taste as a diagram; Shape Of Song which is my fav and shows you what a song looks like
  • Visualise the Internet

    • Here my favs are: Websites as graphs which shows websites as graphs and Opte that allows you to  map the internet
  • Amazon

  • Flickr

    • Flickr has three items that ReadWriteWeb lists:
    • Taglines lets you to visualize Flickr tags over time
    • Flickrvision: view real-time flickr photos on a map.
    • Flickrtime is a tool that uses Flickr API to present the uploaded images in real-time. The images form the clock which shows the current time.
  • Miscellaneous

  • Sites dedicated to Visualisations

    • Here I can recommend: (they have quite a large and diverse collection of interactive visualisations); Many Eyes (which also hosts a large collection)
  • Search via visualisation

    • They divide search into two sections: Heatmaps and Visual Search Engines. I like visual search engines and think they are particularly useful for illiterate or functionally illiterate students