I’m just at the very beginning of the adventure and torture that mobile learning and so I borrow ideas and links from experts in the field.

One such expert is Michelle Gallen from SearchFindLearn and she recently posted about her favorite tools for mobile learning and here they are in her own words:

1 Tweetie – fantastic for short bite-sized learning and gossip when your head’s frazzled at the airport.
2 Safari – it’s a proper mobile browsing experience.
3 Stanza – oh wow – over 25,000 free books for me to snuggle up in bed with!
4 BYKI French for language learnin – great for vocab but limited for grammar.
5 iXpenseit – a budget tracking app, which is helping me keep track of my spending and teaching me where I go wrong – excellent stuff (note that iXpenseit is limited, and I think there are better apps that have more capability for dealing with multiple bank accounts, your mortgage, loans etc)
6 iPod on iPhone – I’ve got over 5 hours of French and Irish language resources and audio books on my iPod – means I can learn on the go. I’ve also been using the lyrics feature for both listening and reading my Irish language learning.
7 Mail – this is one of the loser aspects of the iPhone – I can get my mail, but Apple’s Mail app is nothing like as useful or powerful as Gmail’s mail app for Symbian. I can’t search my archive, it uses up tonnes of data and is slow.
8 Google search – sometimes I want to know how to cook aubergine without leaving the cooker in the kitchen…google search + iPhone = instant knowledge while stirring a pot.
9 Google maps – bigger screen + good data plan = excellent journey planning and exploration. Also, I’m way more confident about wandering around more because I can’t get ‘lost’.
10 Calculator – I think people often take for granted the hard-working apps like the touchscreen calculator app on the iPhone – but it’s a fantastic tool – and is easy to use and access.

I def need to chech out Stanza!