Over at Mashable (which you really should bookmark and RSS feed) they recently posted some links to fun image generators.

And while some of the comments on the post complained about the “work relatedness” of these image generators, I can see how I’ll be able to use one or two of these sites to create cool/funny pictures for training or for posting them in our student blog or even some e-posters I’ve created for our college at work.

Here are the ones Mashable highlighted and one or two posted in the comments area:

  • Warning Labels and Signs

Warning labels

Warning Label Generator allows you to create landscape warning labels with your own text, if you want a portrait style one, Mashable suggests using Warning Sign Generator.

Here’s a work related image I just created:

Aviary warninglabelgenerator-com Picture 2

  • Street Signs

Street Sign Generator is from the same people as the warning labels/signs and allows you to create street signs in 3 easy steps!

Aviary streetsigngenerator-com Picture 3

  • Magazine Covers

From BigHugeLabs comes a tool to make Magazine Covers and while that may sound juvenile I think it can be used to make posters for students – especially undergrads – to showcase/advertise some of the services a library has to offer…. (just thinking out loud here)

Aviary bighugelabs-com Picture 1

But again it’s really easy – simply upload your image (from your desktop, flickr, facebook, photobucket or a url) add your text and click on create!

Voila – -your very own magazine! (The image is a bit fuzzy – it’s from MS Clips – but you get the idea)

Aviary bighugelabs-com Picture 2

BigHugeLabs have quite a few other image creators and fun tools:

Motivator, Pop Art Poster, Magazine Cover, Mosaic Maker, Movie Poster, JigsawFX, Map MakerMat, Pocket Album, Badge Maker, CD Cover, CaptionerBillboard Blog Header, GalleryProfile Widget

Jing takes a picture or video of the user’s computer screen and uploads it to the Web, FTP, computer or clipboard. A URL is automatically created and can be shared with others to view or access the uploaded file.

It works for screen capturing and screen casting

Here’s how it works for screen capturing:

Capture what you see.

Initiate a capture by clicking Jing’s happy, always-ready “sun” icon…or pressing a hotkey of your choice.

Make a point.

Need to emphasize or explain? Mark up your screenshot with a basic text box, arrow, highlight, or rectangle.

Share instantly.

Just tell Jing where to send the screenshot and—BAM!—it’s there and ready to share. When you send to a destination like Screencast.com or Flickr, Jing even places a hyperlink on your clipboard.

Here’s how it works for screen casting:

Record what you see (and do).

Select a window or region and Jing will record up to five minutes of video of everything that appears in that area. Point to things with your mouse, scroll, flip through photos, click around in a website or application..

Narrate on the fly.

If your computer has a microphone, Jing can record your sparkling commentary at the same time. Since everyone prefers short and pithy, recording time is capped at 5 minutes.

Share at the speed of conversation.

The moment you’re done recording, your little screencast movie is ready to upload.

Want options?

We’ve got a few. Jing can put Screencast.com embed code on your clipboard instead of a link.