I am a ferocious blog reader and I have about 100 sites that I try and check everyday (and the list seems to keep growing and I’m introduced to new sites). And one reason I love bloggers is that they introduce me to sites I never would have found otherwise but may prove to be quite valuable in my work.

One such blogger is The Centered Librarian 🙂 who I’ve mentioned before as a collector of web gems! The newest site I’ve been introduced to? Color Scheme Designer (or Colour if you’ve been taught the Queen’s English).

Aviary colorschemedesigner-com Picture 1

Color Scheme Designer is  an easy to use and effective utility to design color schemes for use in web sites. It displays colors on a color wheel and and offers 4 modes of harmonies. The program features a preview window that resembles the basic structure of a web page. You can simply drag and drop colors into the page elements and preview how they will look together. You can save your scheme configuration and also export it to HTML.

I made a quick video (sans sounds) to show you how easy it is to use Color Scheme Designer – I know it’s really for use in websites, but I can already see that it will prove invaluable to me in designing presentations and brochures as well as I’m incapable of guessing which colours will look good with others.