twitter-logo3 Tracking Twitter‘s influence is becoming a hot topic right now, and it makes sense as millions of people tweet every day. Finding out how much influence these tweets have will be valuable information for organisations and marketers alike. One report that was recently published aims to do just that.

twitter influence

The Web Ecology Project published their The Influentials: New Approaches for Analyzing Influence on Twitter two days ago.

Here is the executive summary:

Using a new methodology based on the content and responses of 12 popular users, we determined measurements
of relative influence on Twitter. We examined an ecosystem of 134,654 tweets, 15,866,629 followers,
and 899,773 followees, and in response to the 2,143 tweets generated by these 12 users over a 10-
day period, we collected 90,130 responses published by other users.

twitter influence graphicsSummary of Findings

An analysis of our methodology and statistics suggests that on Twitter, among various configurable conclusions:
• mashable is more influential than CNN.
• sockington is more influential than MCHammer, while MCHammer is more influential than three major
social media analysts (garyvee, Scobleizer, and chrisbrogan).
• Celebrities with higher follower totals (eg., THE_REAL_SHAQ and ijustine) foster more conversation
than provide retweetable content.
• News outlets, regardless of follower count, influence large amounts of followers to republish their
content to other users.