Seth Godin recently posted on why it’s sometimes a good idea NOT to hitch a lift for work idea or project from a colleague and as I’m realising Seth Godin is rarely wrong.

Here is the part I liked best:

But, just as you should never get in a car with a drunk driver, understand that the minute you let the other person drive, you’ve bought into their process. Spending three months or three years following someone off a cliff is nuts.

I’d rather disappoint you today and refuse your offer of a lift than end up with both of us having wasted hours and hours of time somewhere further down the road. No, you can’t pitch this to your husband, that’s my job. No, I won’t stand by and watch you mangle this before the board. No, we’re not going to interact with customers your way merely because it’s the only way you know.

I’m beginning to realise that saying “no thanks” or even just “no” (or sometimes “hell no”) now will save my time and energy later. Hey it’s better to learn that later than never don’t you think?