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Kineo is a site and collection of people (Matthew Fox, Stephen Walsh, Steve Rayson, Mark Harrison and Sven Laux) passionate about e-learning and about making e-learning better, faster and more effective.

I’ve discovered their podcast interviews and while I’ve only had time to listen to the Tony Karrer’s interview on social and informal learning the others look equally interesting.

They have a few other interviews available as well with people such as:

Kineo also has other free resources in their Green Room which is literally a room in which you move around with your mouse and click on the experts in the room to get tips and answers to some e-questions. The interactivity of the “room” is brilliant and you really get the feeling that you are learning from people, and not from a website. Aviary kineo-com Picture 1

I think this could also work great as a concept for instructions in a library – you could have silhouettes of librarians from different sections that could explain to students how the lending desk works, how ILL requests work etc.

Kineo also has free e-learning reports available that looks very useful and interesting.