I like Seth Godin ~ and I like this video of his even more.

He talks about Tribes (no real surprise here it is Seth Godin after all) and while I’ve read his tribe stuff this is the first time I’ve heard him speak about it (bandwidth is slooooow here in South Africa and videos can take for.ever. to download). I had trouble embedding the video so just click on the screen capture to go straight to YouTube and watch it from there.

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The part that I loved the most was from 14:04 where he talks about how you go about creating a tribe:

  • tell a story
  • connect tribe
  • lead a movement
  • make change and start all over again

He talks about the three things leaders do:

  1. They challenge the status quo: He asks “who are you upsetting?” bec if you are not upsetting people you are not challenging the status quo. And if you’re not challenging the status qou how can your organisation change? (Maybe I just like this as I seem to be upsetting people now and his comments justifies that… or maybe Seth’s just right. I think it’s him – he’s right)
  2. They create a culture – a space where like minded people can interact
  3. They have curiosity – about the people in the tribe, about the people outside the tribe
  4. They connect people – people have a need to connect to others, to belong somewhere, to be missed

He ends with a challenge – create a movement, something that matters… Maybe I’ll take him up on that 🙂