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I’m always on the lookout for lists of free tools I could use to either teach myself something new, or to do my work quicker/easier.

iLibrarian posted a link to The Online Classes100 Free Tools To Tutor Yourself in Anything. While the general and language links are well worth a click-through, it was the  Technology and General Academic links that caught my eye:


Whether you’re technologically impaired or just want to learn some new skills to add to your repertoire, these sites can help you learn more, faster.

  1. W3Schools: Learn how to build great websites through the great tutorials offered on this site.
  2. How-to-Geek: This site offers a geekier take on how-tos, dealing with computers, electronic and gaming tutorials.
  3. InPictures: If you need some basic instruction in working with a computer, this site offers illustrated tutorials to get you through.
  4. Geekpedia: Want to know how to work with Java? Do computer programming of other kinds? This site will teach you.
  5. MuppetLabs: Use this site to learn how to work with C++, Perl, Python and much more.
  6. actDEN: Boost your business skills by learning the ins and outs of Powerpoint, Office and Internet Explorer on this site.
  7. The Internet Archive: Explore the history of the internet with this site that has archives of sties on the web from years past.
  8. Productivity Portfolio: This site is home to five minute tips to help improve your computer and technology skills.

General Academic

These tools and resources can help you get a free education on your own.

  1. Forum Network: Listen to lectures from great universities, PBS and NPR from this site’s collection on hundreds of topics.
  2. MIT Open Courseware: You can take courses on your own time through this prestigious university’s open site.
  3. Harvard@Home: Get access to some of the most well-known researchers and scholars and their lectures through this site.
  4. Princeton WebMedia: Learn more about a wide variety of topics from the free lectures on this site.
  5. iTunes U: Use your iTunes for more than listening to music and download free lectures and videos from world class institutions through this facet of the program.
  6. OpenCourseware Finder: Search through thousands of free courses using this tool that you can download and take when you like.
  7. Project Gutenberg: You can do quite a bit of reading right from your own computer with this collection of classic books.
  8. WikiBooks: Read through some of the selections on this site to learn about a huge range of interests from science to new languages.
  9. Academic Earth: This collection of lectures will help you expand your mind and learn from professors and academics at famous institutions.
  10. Connexions: Check out the learning modules offered on this site for delving into a plethora of topics.
  11. Google Scholar: If you’re in need of some reputable reading material, this search tool will help you find journals and articles on your topic that you can trust.