Educause released their report on how undergraduates use technology. They ask students about the technology they own and how they use it in and out of their academic world.

They also look at how skilled students believe they are with technologies; how they perceive technology is affecting their learning experience; and their preferences for IT in courses.

 In addition to studying student ownership, experience, behaviors, preferences, and skills with respect to information technologies, the 2009 study also includes a special focus on student ownership and use of Internet-capable handheld devices.

Some of the “m-learning” findings include:

  •  fewer students have desktops, preferring laptops instead
  • Two-thirds have computers that are two years or less
  • more than 90% use their university or college website weekly
  • more than 40% said they contribute to video websites and wikis while more than 30% contribute to blogs and use podcasts
  • VoIP is use by one-third of students
  • 9 out of 20 students use social networking sites as individuals, this drops to 2 out 10 that use social networking as part of their course
  • about half of students see themselves as early adopters of technology
  • 80% of students feel they are confident about their online searching skills

 You can download the full study, key findings, roadmap and survey instrument from the Educause site.