Eric Morrow, founder of Maendeleo Foundation in Kampala and Seattle is a true hero, and here’s why:

Using three solar panels, a battery, ten folding chairs, five tables, fifteen Intel-powered Classmate PCs and two teachers in a small van his foundation sets up Mobile Solar Computer Classrooms (MSCC). It’s been in operation in rural Uganda for two years now and has the purpose of teaching pupils and teachers IT and computer skills.

Here is what the eLearning Africa blog says about Eric’s MSCC:

A new MSCC is already touring through Uganda. Using funds from the grant Maendeleo recently received from Intel’s Inspire-Empower challenge, the Foundation was able to put together a second MSCC that will serve rural areas in the same way as the original MSCC. With the grant, they have also been able to upgrade the original MSCC that they had (to run with fifteen computers). They are now also in the process of buying land and building an Advanced Training Centre, where they intend to give further individual training during school breaks to students who show potential and interest in working in the ICT industry.

You can also watch YouTube videos about the Maendeleo project.