Ellyssa Kroski over at the Library Journal wrote an interesting article on using SMS’es as a reference tool for libraries.

I especially liked this part:

Offering this type of mobile service makes sense for libraries at this stage—it seems the next step in the evolution of library services.

In South Africa, internet connectivity is very limited (and mostly very expensive as well) and an SMS reference system would be very practical indeed.


I am officially green with envy … the iPhone 3 GS has been launched in South Africa.

The S stands for speed and the iPhone website claims it’s the fastest iPhone ever … well I’d hope so. It’s no use if the new phone is slower than the old one now is it?

[sigh] it sounds like the perfect phone … but I’ll have to wait either for it to become affordable for little old librarians like me, or for a pay increase. (The former seems more likely!)

Still it’s a sexy little number!