I really like the creative way David Lee King‘s library looked at publishing their online annual report.

What could have been a boring link to a pdf document ended up being a pop-up interactive book – it still gives you all the fact you need, but in a really creative way.

Here’s the link to the full annual report.

This image from I love Charts makes me chuckle every time I see it 🙂

If you’re not sure who Edward Tufte is this link will tell you more.

Thanks to The Centered Librarian for reminding me about it

I simply love the new ads from the Antwerp Zoo in the Netherlands.

The Zoo wanted to place the Zoo as the garden for anyone living in Antwerp and collaborated with real estate agents in Antwerp.

So as part of every house, or apartment that they sold or rented, a garden the new owners would receive a year pass for the whole family to the Zoo. All of a sudden you have a garden!

Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, Brussels, Belgium
Creative Director: Jan Teulingkx
Art Directors / Copywriter: Arnaud Bailly, Ross McCurrach
Photographer: Marc Paeps
Account: Carolina Pizzutilo
Published: March 2010

Remember babushka dolls? My gran used to have a set that I loved, and when she went to Turkey she bought me 2 sets.

This McDonalds Ad plays on the babushka connection and I love it!

During the Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver, the Russia House was located right across the street from a flagship McDonaldÂąs location. These Big Mac boxes based on matyroshka, a set of traditional Russian dolls that decrease in size and fit one inside the other, were sent over to welcome them. Inside the final and smallest Big Mac box was a coupon for free food written in Cyrillic. 100s of sets of boxes were then placed in McDonaldÂąs take-out bags and dropped off at the Russia House for members of the Russian delegation.

Advertising Agency: Cossette, Vancouver, Canada
Creative Director: Bryan Collins
Creative Director: Rob Sweetman
Art Director: Scott Schneider
Copywriter: Jeff Shorkey
Designer: Rob Horsman

WordItOut is very similar to Wordl, as it lets you transform your text into word clouds. You can then save and share them.

But it has a few more customizable features than Wordl:

  • Create word clouds from sentences, whole documents, web addresses or tables.
  • Decide how to filter that text, which words to display or remove, and tweak their importance with ease.
  • Design your word cloud as you like, find that perfect layout, choose your own colours and sizes (and how to mix them), or let WordItOut find a random look for you.

Below is the word cloud from this blog:

By now you should have realised that I love visualisations and the Information is Beautiful blog – I find David’s visualisations beautiful and interesting. And his newest one does not disappoint it’s a generative data-visualisation of all the scientific evidence for popular health supplements by David McCandless and Andy Perkins.

They’ve made both an interactive and a static version – below is the static version, but do check out the interactive one.

Free posters? Jup, the UN Environment Programme has a series of free posters you can download (in PDF) compiled from the UNEP’s Geo Data Portal

The full-colour posters are divided into four main groups:

  1. Basic Facts posters
  2. InfoGraphics posters
  3. ISO Code posters
  4. Bubble Chart posters

The Basic Facts posters contain 9 posters covering: electricity consumption; ecosystem management; hazardous waste management; global environment treaties; forest management; carbon dioxide emissions; fisheries; waste management and recycling and electricity production

The InfoGraphics posters contain 13 posters covering: global environmental indicators; recycling rates of OECD countries; global CO2 emissions and wealth; total CO2 emissions; total final energy consumption; marine fish catch; global total and capita CO2 emissions; energy supplies and FCS forests.

The ISO Code posters contain 9 posters covering: global CO2 emissions; global water footprints; global ecological footprint; world heritage sites and energy supply per $1000 GDP (PPP)

The Bubble Chart posters contain 3 posters covering: CO2 emissions and wealth

StatPlanet is a browser-based interactive data visualization and mapping tool. You use it to create interactive thematic maps, interactive graphs, and feature-rich interactive infographics – it’s super easy to use!

It is used by UNESCO and SACMEQ, NGOs, Fortune 500 companies and government departments.

It comes with up-to-date statistics on demography, economy, education, environment & energy, gender and health, for most countries in the world. You can use it online or download it.

Ever heard of Vanity Barcodes? I didn’t until this post from The Centered Librarian.

A vanity barcode is a product barcode turned into a decorative, fun design while still scanning like a regular barcode.  It transforms a boring barcode into a great marketing and brand tool!

There are some really fun examples on the Vanity Barcodes website – if you like one of the designs you can click it on it and order it for your company or organisation.

Here’s one for a bookstore or library:

For a petshop:

For a deli or cofee shop:

Ads of the World released their best ads of December 2009 yesterday. I like to go and have a look at them as I’m often bowled over by the creativity and originality of the ads. I especially like the print, outdoor, ambient and direct marketing categories.

Here are a few of my favorites of the winners:


Advertising Agency: BBDO DĂĽsseldorf, Germany
Creative Directors: Toygar Bazarkaya, Carsten Bolk
Copywriter: Martin Knipprath
Art Directors: Milena Hirschochs, Aristotelis Saflanis


Giant constrictor snake squeezing complete Copenhagen citybus. Advertising the Copenhagen Zoo.

Advertising Agency: Bates Y&R, Copenhagen, Denmark
Creative Director: Ib Borup
Art Director: Peder Schack
Agency Producers: Josephine Winther-Poupinel, Steen Nøhr
Other credit: Erich Karsholt
Advertising Agency: Tempo Advertising, Bucharest, Romania
Creative Directors: Adrian Preda; Bogdan Costin
Art Director: Viorel Holovaci
Copywriter: Vlad Martis
Published: November 2009
Direct Marketing:

To dramatize how precisely WĂĽsthof knives can cut an onion calendar was created, in which an onion was cut into 365 slices. Precisely as many as there are days in the year. Perfect for a tear-off calendar.

Advertising Agency: Serviceplan, Germany
Creative Directors: Alex Schill, Matthias Harbeck, Helmut Huber, Florian Drahorad
Copywriters: Nicolas Becker, Tom Hauser
Art Directors: Christian Sommer/ Ivo Hlavac, Sören Porst
Account Supervisor: Lena Inderwiesen
Photography: Layoutsatz 2000
Production Company: Pinsker Druck & Medien