Aviary futurelab-org-uk Picture 1Futurelab, a not-for-profit UK-based organisation that develop innovative resources and practices that support new approaches to learning for the 21st century, has a great list of free online tools that they’ve created:

Create-A-Scape Create-A-Scape

Create-A-Scape is a website that provides resources for creating digitally-enhanced learning experiences, using mobile technology to experience location-sensitive sounds and images that have been ‘attached to’ the local landscape. Can be used right across the curriculum with all age groups.
Go to: www.createascape.org.uk

Enquiring Minds Enquiring Minds

Enquiring Minds is an approach to teaching and learning that takes students’ ideas, interests and experiences as its starting point, and provides them with more responsibility for the direction and content of their learning. Free guide and supporting resources available online.
Go to: www.enquiringminds.org.uk

Exploratree Exploratree

A free web resource which can be used for downloading, using and making interactive thinking guides. Thinking guides can be useful for supporting independent and group research projects with frameworks for thinking, planning and enquiry.
Go to: www.exploratree.org.uk

Million Futures Million Futures

Million Futures aims to identify what people think are the biggest challenges facing education in the future. The site invites visitors to launch their thoughts about future life and learning via virtual paper planes, and explore what others have written. A lesson plan is available.
Go to: www.millionfutures.org.uk

Power League Power League

Power League is a free web resource for exploring any topic, through sampling group opinions and provoking group discussions. Create your own online leagues or use our existing ones. Can be used right across the curriculum with all age groups; includes lesson plans.
Go to: www.powerleague.org.uk

Vision Mapper Vision Mapper

Vision Mapper is a free web resource to support long-term planning and decision making in education. With its wide range of group activities and inspirational materials designed to inspire broader thinking, challenge your views and create realistic, achievable action plans, Vision Mapper can help you create a long-term vision and strategy for your organisation. Go to: www.visionmapper.org.uk.

They look really useful and interesting and I especially want to try out Exploratree and Create-A-Scape.