I love simple, easy to use, cool tools that are Plug-n-Play.

The reason?

I don’t know (or care to know at this point in time) html coding, I have limited time, even less attention span and ..uhm … I’m a bit lazy.

So here is a list of some of my cool tools -all of them free as I am also cheap – that I use, or intend to use soon or heard about just now! I’ll add more as I find them:


– great site to make quick screen casts. All it requires is a Twitter account (you have that don’t you?) and you’re good to go! The recordings are for 3 minutes, or until you click on stop and you can share the vids via email, tweets, put it on Delicious, Digg, StumbleUpon, Google Bookmarks, FriendFeed, MySpace, and Facebook, or by copying a recording’s URL.

I know that there are loads of other free software that will do the same, but this was quick and easy to use.


Aviary screenr-com Picture 1 – Screenr works very similar to ScreenJelly and allows you to create videos quickly and easily and post them to Twitter.

You can also share the vid’s via YouTube or download the mp4 file or embed the video in a website or blog.

Aviary prezi-com Picture 1

– Prezi is presentation tool that puts all your information on one page/screen from which you zoom in and out on the different aspects. It’s seriously cool!! (though it does give me a bit of motion sickness, but that’s just me)

  • Share large files easily and for free

Aviary techcrunch-com Picture 1

I like this post from Stephan Abram on cool tools that will allow you to decrease the size of files you want to send to people. And all of them are free!

  • See what it’s like to be another Tweeter

Aviary ctwittlike-appspot-com Picture 1cTwittLike allows you to see what it would be like to be another Tweeter with their feeds and updates. It’s really is quite fun!

Thanks to Jane over at Social Media in Learning for telling me about this.

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Aviary jumpola-com Picture 1 – Jumpola is a list of Chuck Green’s favorite sources for communication designers.

The list is divided into Print, Web, Illustrations, Photo, Type, Tech, Marketing, References, Designer Shopping, Mind Vacations