This a great video on Augmented Reality from the recent Ted2010 conference.

Blaise Aguera y Arcas is an architect at Microsoft Live Labs, architect of Seadragon, and the co-creator of Photosynth, a monumental piece of software capable of assembling static photos into a synergy of zoomable, navigatable spaces.

In this talk he demos new augmented-reality mapping technology from Microsoft. It’s brilliant!


The 2010 TED conference starts today in Long Beach and Palm Springs, CA and the theme for this year is: What the World Needs Now … come on sing it with me “is love, sweet love”:)

The conference covers various themes in the four days and honestly if you see the line-up and speakers for the themes you’ll wish you could be there (all talks will be up loaded to the TEDTalk blog)

TED really is an amazing organisation and website and the quality and variety of the talks are staggering – do check it out.

The answer may suprise you – check out Daniel Pink’s compelling and entertaining presentation the one thing most managers tend to ignore: traditional rewards don’t work!

Have you found the videos on TED yet?


You haven’t?!?!?

Well then get thee over to their website!

TED themes

They have some of the most passionate and innovative speakers talking about:

The videos are quite large and I have trouble viewing them in my screen – so if you have slow connection or limited bandwidth rather download them and view them at your leisure.