Twitter reached it’s 10 billionth tweet the other day and Mashable designed a great infographic to show the evolution of the tweet.


Asterisq released Mentionmap a web app for exploring your Twitter network. Discover which people interact the most and what they’re talking about. It’s also a great way to find relevant people to follow.

It loads each user’s Twitter status updates (tweets) and finds the people and hashtags they talked about the most. The data is displayed using Constellation Framework, a graph visualization library for Actionscript.

In this data visualization, mentions become connections and discussions between multiple users emerge as clusters.

Clicking a user will display their network of mentions as well as details from their profile. You can also search for friends by typing their Twitter usernames into the search box.

This is what Mashable‘s twitter map looks like:

Technoratic will be publishing their State of the Blogosphere 2009 throughout this week.This annual study follows the growth and trends in the blogosphere.

For 2009, they took a deeper dive into the entire blogosphere, with a focus on professional bloggers.

This year’s topics include:

  • professional blogging activities
  • brands in the blogosphere
  • monetization
  • twitter & micro-blogging
  • bloggers’ impact on US and World events

So far they’ve released the following:

  1. Arianna Huffington Interview: SOTB 2009
    The heart and soul of the Huffington Post discusses her evolution into the world of blogging, and her ascent to the top.
  2. Henry Copeland Interview: SOTB 2009
    The founder of Blogads sits down with Eric Olsen about trailblazing the business of ads for bloggers.
  3. Alex Santoso Interview: SOTB 2009
    Eric Olsen speaks with the proprietor of the link sharing blog Neatorama.
  4. Day 2: The What and Why of Blogging – SOTB 2009
    Self-expression and sharing expertise continue to be the primary motivations for bloggers.
  5. Day 1: Who Are The Bloggers? SOTB 2009
    Overall, bloggers are a highly educated and affluent group.
  6. State of the Blogosphere 2009 Introduction
    A look into our methodology and a glance at the findings.
  7. Steve Rubel Interview: SOTB 2009
    Steve Rubel, SVP and Director of Insights for Edelman Digital, is well known as the blogger behind Micro Persuasion and, more recently, Steve talks about why he made the switch to a Posterous-powered blog, the meaning (or lack thereof) of lifestreaming, digital curation, and PR 2.0, and PR and online marketing trends that form part of his “flow.”
  8. Penelope Trunk Interview: SOTB 2009
    Penelope Trunk, founder of Brazen Careerist and prolific blogger at, is never one to pull a punch. Check out her take on blogging it like it is (or isn’t), entrepreneurship, and how Gen X and Gen Y view the web and social networking quite differently from one another.
  9. Michael Arrington Interview: SOTB 2009
    Richard Jalichandra speaks with the major domo of TechCrunch.
  10. Richard Jalichandra Keynote: BlogWorld 2009
    Technorati CEO Richard Jalichandra delivered a keynote address at BlogWorld 2009 discussing the blogosphere and previewing the 2009 State of the Blogosphere report.

It’s definitely well worth a click through.

Aviary dingitsup-com Picture 1Thanks to Stumble! I’ve stumbled across Ding It’s Up! – a website that will notify you via email, text or tweet that a website you’ve been monitoring is either down for maintenance or back on line.

If you can’t keep checking a website (and who of us have the patience for that) then this seems like a good solution?

twitter-logo3 Tracking Twitter‘s influence is becoming a hot topic right now, and it makes sense as millions of people tweet every day. Finding out how much influence these tweets have will be valuable information for organisations and marketers alike. One report that was recently published aims to do just that.

twitter influence

The Web Ecology Project published their The Influentials: New Approaches for Analyzing Influence on Twitter two days ago.

Here is the executive summary:

Using a new methodology based on the content and responses of 12 popular users, we determined measurements
of relative influence on Twitter. We examined an ecosystem of 134,654 tweets, 15,866,629 followers,
and 899,773 followees, and in response to the 2,143 tweets generated by these 12 users over a 10-
day period, we collected 90,130 responses published by other users.

twitter influence graphicsSummary of Findings

An analysis of our methodology and statistics suggests that on Twitter, among various configurable conclusions:
• mashable is more influential than CNN.
• sockington is more influential than MCHammer, while MCHammer is more influential than three major
social media analysts (garyvee, Scobleizer, and chrisbrogan).
• Celebrities with higher follower totals (eg., THE_REAL_SHAQ and ijustine) foster more conversation
than provide retweetable content.
• News outlets, regardless of follower count, influence large amounts of followers to republish their
content to other users.

I just found the site eMarketer which (according to them) do market research and trend analysis on Internet, e-business, online marketing, media and emerging technologies.

So far I like what I see … and this is what I saw in just my first few minutes on the site:

Who finds Twitter more effective: Advertisers or consumers

I don’t know about you, but everywhere I go (conferences, departmental meetings, friends’ houses) everyone is going on and on about Twitter.  But not many co-workers (especially those in the late Baby Boomer/early Traditionalist years) understand the big fuss.

And according to eMarketer it’s not just my co-workers: For advertisers:

Only 11% of 18-to-39-year-old advertisers did not know enough about Twitter to have an opinion on its value, compared with 20% of advertisers ages 40 to 49 and 21% of those 50 and older.

Among Internet users:

55% of 18-to-34-year-olds said they were not familiar enough to have an opinion, compared with 80% of those 55 and older.

Since the majority of my co-workers are over 50 and most don’t know anything about Twitter, it seems this time the marketers got it right!

Here is the eMarketer’s graph:


– How to Old, the Young and Everyone in between uses social networks

(Thanks to Stephen’s Lighthouse for putting me on the trail of this entry)

e Marketer’s findings correlate with the above post (sorry ’bout the italics – I can’t get it to turn off! grrr)

The majority of Twitter users are in their early 30’s late 20’s – Gen X:

Aviary emarketer-com Picture 2png

Aviary emarketer-com Picture 3

I love simple, easy to use, cool tools that are Plug-n-Play.

The reason?

I don’t know (or care to know at this point in time) html coding, I have limited time, even less attention span and ..uhm … I’m a bit lazy.

So here is a list of some of my cool tools -all of them free as I am also cheap – that I use, or intend to use soon or heard about just now! I’ll add more as I find them:


– great site to make quick screen casts. All it requires is a Twitter account (you have that don’t you?) and you’re good to go! The recordings are for 3 minutes, or until you click on stop and you can share the vids via email, tweets, put it on Delicious, Digg, StumbleUpon, Google Bookmarks, FriendFeed, MySpace, and Facebook, or by copying a recording’s URL.

I know that there are loads of other free software that will do the same, but this was quick and easy to use.


Aviary screenr-com Picture 1 – Screenr works very similar to ScreenJelly and allows you to create videos quickly and easily and post them to Twitter.

You can also share the vid’s via YouTube or download the mp4 file or embed the video in a website or blog.

Aviary prezi-com Picture 1

– Prezi is presentation tool that puts all your information on one page/screen from which you zoom in and out on the different aspects. It’s seriously cool!! (though it does give me a bit of motion sickness, but that’s just me)

  • Share large files easily and for free

Aviary techcrunch-com Picture 1

I like this post from Stephan Abram on cool tools that will allow you to decrease the size of files you want to send to people. And all of them are free!

  • See what it’s like to be another Tweeter

Aviary ctwittlike-appspot-com Picture 1cTwittLike allows you to see what it would be like to be another Tweeter with their feeds and updates. It’s really is quite fun!

Thanks to Jane over at Social Media in Learning for telling me about this.

* this site has been getting a lot of traffic today and may either be slower than normal, or present the error message you see on my screen shot *

Aviary jumpola-com Picture 1 – Jumpola is a list of Chuck Green’s favorite sources for communication designers.

The list is divided into Print, Web, Illustrations, Photo, Type, Tech, Marketing, References, Designer Shopping, Mind Vacations