The guys and gals over at Ace Online Schools posted links to 25 Awesome Virtual Learning experiences – and trust me, they really are awesome!

But I also liked Kim Flintoff’s comment in the comment section that there are no virtual experiences as all experiences are experiences, whether they are physical or virtual

We’ve seen that human beings can be desensitised to certain events through virtual encounters… why not the inverse? I’d suggest we have every likelihood of discovering that we can experience wonder, awe, and amazement, as well as motivation and determination through virtual encounters…

Here are a few of my favourites:

7 Wonders Panoramas – 360-degree views of the Seven Wonders of the World.

I’ve been to one of them … would love to seem them all!

Frissiras Museum – A virtual art gallery from Athens, Greece that allows you to explore paintings by rolling your mouse over them.

Louvre Virtual Tour – Virtual tour of the world-famous Louvre museum in Paris.

Virtual Museum of Iraq – Discover the history of Iraq through eight museum halls full of artifacts.

The Virtual Museum of Traditional Japanese Arts – Wander down virtual hallways to explore traditional Japanese arts, from fine arts to martial arts.

Smithsonian National Museum of National History Virtual Tour – Take a virtual walking tour of the entire Smithsonian National Museum of National History.

UAE Interact Virtual Museum – A virtual museum exploring the history of the United Arab Emirates through ancient artifacts like stoneware, jewelry, weapons, tools and coins.

The Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago – Enjoy 360-degree views of galleries showcasing Egyptian, Assyrian, Mesopotamian and Persian cultures

Innovative ways to visit galleries and museums I never would be able to otherwise

Rare Book Room – A virtual library that allows you to not only view but read hundreds of rare and historical copies of books, from Shakespeare to Galileo.

This is a little bit of heaven if you are a history+lit+old books+librarian buff!

A Virtual Journey into the Universe – Explore our solar system with a variety of interactive tools (no jokes about what lies in the interior of Uranus).

I love that the internet allows you to have all these experiences!