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Writing Without Words, by Stephanie Posavec is a series plates showcasing the differences in writing styles of different modern classic novels in a very striking visual manner.

I simply love it and am so thankfull I have visualcomplexity on my feed list and that they put me on her track.

Here is a qoute on Stephanie’s work from NOTCOT:

“The maps visually represent the rhythm and structure of Kerouac’s literary space, creating works that are not only gorgeous from the point of view of graphic design, but also exhibit scientific rigor and precision in their formulation: meticulous scouring the surface of the text, highlighting and noting sentence length, prosody and themes, Posavec’s approach to the text is not unlike that of a surveyor. And similarly, the act is near reverential in its approach and the results are stunning graphical displays of the nature of the subject. The literary organism, rhythm textures and sentence drawings are truly gorgeous pieces.”

And here is what they mean by truly gorgeous:

a clockwork orangecatcher in the ryethe great gatsby